Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Everyone and Everything?

Carpeting is a common staple in our homes and businesses. Sometimes keeping those
carpets clean can be a difficult undertaking. Some of us buy commercial carpet cleaners for
our home and office carpets. But sometimes we hire professional carpet cleaning services
such as Bristol Clean. Professional cleaners use their own cleaning chemicals and
equipment. The goal is to always leave the carpets clean and smelling fresh.

Long after they’ve left, the safety of carpet cleaning always lingers in our minds. We
wonder whether carpet cleaning is safe for our babies, pets, or during pregnancy. Some may
worry about exposing our families and office staff to toxic pollutants. Could those
chemicals affect their health in the long-run?

The truth is, the choice of cleaning chemicals can make our carpets safe or unsafe. Carpet
cleaning becomes unsafe when we use harsh chemicals that pollute the air in our homes, or when we use at-home cleaning machines and do not properly dry the carpet afterwards.

Many people have turned to professional and green carpet cleaning for these very reasons. At Bristol Clean,
we remain committed to the safety of our customers, their families, and the environment by
using biodegradable and non-toxic carpet cleaning agents whenever possible. Here are 4 reasons that make our
carpet cleaning techniques safe.

Release fewer toxins

Some professional carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals to lift stubborn stains off carpets.
These chemicals do clean stains and leave our carpets looking new. However, they release
pollutants in the air that your family or staff will breathe in. Worse still, the carpet rinsing
process causes the chemicals to flow through your drains and can affect water supply.

Greener, biodegradable cleaning ingredients are safe for our homes and offices. They do not
contain harmful toxins that pollute the air in our living and working spaces or our water

Promotes a healthy family

Professional carpet cleaning can have a profound impact on your family’s health. Most
residential carpets consist of synthetic fibers. Those fibers interact with some more traditional cleaning chemicals and can release vapors.

When inhaled, these vapors may cause:

– breathing problems
– headaches
– eye or nose irritations
– nausea
– congestion

Common chemicals that you will find in the cleaning chemicals and the synthetic carpets
include formaldehyde, acids, pesticides, and bleaching agents.

Our carpet cleaning alternatives are safe for your home and office. They do not
release toxic fumes in the air that cause allergies and respiratory problems. In fact, our most-used carpet cleaning agent smells so good that many of our customers comment on how lovely their homes smell after they use our services – some say it smells like cranberries!

Extends the carpet’s life span

The chemicals in some traditional carpet cleaning agents reduce the longevity of your carpet. This
is because when they mix with a carpet’s synthetic fibers, they may discolor them. This can affect your flooring in the long-run. The chemicals break down the fiber and cause premature deterioration. This leaves you with discolored and worn carpet.

Greener, and also more modern, carpet cleaning alternatives are gentle on the carpet fibers. They do not have a
chemical reaction that causes the fibers degradation. This gentle approach extends the
carpet’s life span. It saves you money, considering the high cost of removing and re-
installing a new carpet.

Bottom line: is carpet cleaning safe? It is safe when we use green alternatives comprising of
bio-degradable, toxin-free cleaning agents. It is also safe when using a TRUE professional cleaning service that has been properly certified and educated. Beware those carpet cleaners you find on street signs on busy intersection corners, however!

Bristol Cleaning offers a variety of biodegradable carpet cleaning solutions. We guarantee
our solutions are safe for your home and commercial space. Our carpet cleaning agents do
not contain formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, butoxyethanol, hydrofluoric acid,
naphthalene, tetrachloroethylene, or phenol. Our experts are trained to use these cleaners
and will prioritize the health of your family and the environment.

If you have any questions or would like to book our carpet cleaning services, give us a call today!

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