Bristolville, OH town green including church and town hall

Bristolville is an enchanting town of only a few thousand committed residents. Even though Bristolville is technically unincorporated, the small town features its own zip code and post office. Bristolville is well-maintained and loved by its residents, and features many historic structures that have been standing since its founding in 1807. 

Bristolville is home to our little company, and we LOVE our town and helping our neighbors keep their homes and businesses looking beautiful! Just give us a call if you need something and we will hop, jump, or walk right over.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bristol Clean do deep carpet cleaning?
Deep carpet cleaning is done in many ways, and we like to think that all of our cleaning services are considered ‘deep’ – we focus all of our efforts on getting each and every carpet we encounter as clean as the day it came into the home. However, some techniques are consider more ‘deep cleaning’ than others. We are happy to discuss your options!

Does carpet cleaning remove cat urine smells?
A good carpet cleaning that incorporates both sides of the carpet can address even the most offensive of cat and dog mess smells. Occasionally, more than one cleaning is required to get the most out of our professional cleaning services, especially in the case of heavily soiled areas. However, we’ll be able to advise and assess the situation once we come on down.

Should I just rent a carpet cleaning machine?
Carpet cleaning machines do have their place and can address many small messes and routine cleaning, especially if they are heated. However, they often leave behind far too much moisture that remains in the pad or lower fibers of your carpet, which in turn can bring stains back to the surface, encourage musty smells, or worsen your carpet over time. Not all rental carpet cleaners are bad, but not all are equal. We’d love to help you choose one to use in between professional carpet cleaning services!