William Woodrow House in Champion Heights, OH

Champion is a community of about 10,000 located in Trumbull County, OH. It is an affordable place to live with an excellent school district, no crime, and a rural feel that includes quiet streets and large, charming properties! Champion is a great place to retire to or, alternatively, raise a family in a quaint city.

We love Champion here at Bristol Clean! Homeowners are kind and business owners are committed to running their companies with their customers in mind. We offer a variety of services to Champion, including carpet cleaning, green cleaning, and tile cleaning in both personal residences and places of business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will carpet cleaning remove furniture marks?
Sometimes, the memory of a carpet means that you have great big spots after moving a chair or other piece of heavy furniture. And while sometimes these spots are may look or feel permanent, a good scrub and groom often makes them less visible (if it doesn’t entirely eliminate them).¬†

Will carpet cleaning remove pet odors?
Yes! As pet owners ourselves, we understand the special moments we have with our pets – and the not-so-special messes they sometimes make. Bristol Clean prides themselves in scrubbing until the smell and mess is gone so that you and your pet can get back to your happy life together.

Are carpet cleaning chemicals safe?

The vast majority of carpet cleaning agents are mild, safe formulas that have been perfected with decades of use. However, if you have a sensitivity to certain types of shampoos or you’d like a green-certified type of treatment, we can of course accommodate your needs without a doubt – just let us know!