The City of Cortland is a growing community – one that is moving ahead while still maintaining the charm that keeps then adorable, fun, and worth visiting. They offer a growing retail shopping area, including a large variety of specialty shops.

Cortland is located in the heart of Trumbull County, adjacent to Mosquito Reservoir and State Park. State highways 5 and 46 are both accessible through the city. It’s the perfect little place to come and enjoy during a summer’s weekend!

Mosquito Lake is Ohio’s second largest lake at 7,850 acres and ranked the 7th Best Ice Fishing Lake in Ohio.  It is one of the best ice fishing spots for walleye, a type of very popular fish, in Ohio.

Cortland is very proud to be ranked one of the Top Ten most charming Villages/Small Cities in Ohio (2016).

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning
Pet Urine Abatement
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Professional Carpet Cleaner Remove Dog Urine in My Home in Cortland?
The short answer is a resounding yes! Often, these types of messes can persist despite a person’s best efforts. However, professional cleaning chemicals and techniques can take care of almost any mess.

How Much Does It Cost to Professionally Clean Carpets?
Cost is often something we get asked about, and it’s so hard to tell you exactly! Our prices are reasonable, however, and we always have a special available for you to take advantage of.

Are Your Solutions and Chemicals Safe for Babies and Pets?
Of course! As we have children and pets ourselves, we would never put precious lives in danger – all of our solutions are safe, especially after our services are complete. Rover and Rosie can play away!