Newbury is a quiet township nestled near the heart of Geauga County, Ohio. An area that is beautiful in all seasons, Newbury has rolling fields, picturesque parks, and farmland bustling with life. Newbury Township is a blissful mix of old style and modern amenities. 

It is clear that Newbury is proud of its history and growth over the past two centuries. And at Bristol Clean, we are always pleased to respond to calls from this quaint town. We aim to help keep both older and newer homes and businesses well maintained. 

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Our Services in Newbury Township

Tile deep clean
Pet odor elimination
Specialty spot cleaning
Allergen removal from fabrics
Grout brightening

Frequently Asked Questions

What method do you use to clean carpets? 

There are different techniques that we use to clean your carpets and we choose the best approach based on your needs. Hot water for a deep down clean, encapsulation that helps pull out all of the dirt and grime from your floors, and carbonated cleaning that helps break down stubborn dirt buildup are only three of the methods we have expert knowledge in. 

Can’t I buy my own carpet cleaner to keep my home or business clean?

Carpet cleaners are widely available for purchase, but commercial cleaners will not get your carpets as thoroughly clean as a professional. Bristol Clean employees have expert knowledge on how to clean your carpets, tiles, and upholstery. It is vital to the life of your carpets to know how to best remove stains and ensure that there is not excess water remaining after a cleaning. In fact, we don’t recommend using a carpet cleaner machine yourself; they often leave far too much water behind, causing carpets to smell or mold prematurely.

How do you handle set-in stains?

Different stains require different approaches, so what we do for one stain may not be the same as another! Sometimes a high pressured rinse can make all the difference, while more stubborn stains might require some soap and a good old fashioned hand scrubbing. Either way, we always work our hardest to get your carpet and upholstery looking its best!