Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Even the best home cleaners miss the tough dirt and grime that lives in the deep crevasses of your grout. While a good scrub once a week holds most of the visible gunk at bay, underneath what looks perfect is a porous material that traps dirt and contaminants over time. In a place like a bathroom or behind a kitchen sink, there might even be mildew and mold present – something no one likes to know. In addition, over time grout can begin to discolor and lose its once white luster.

When you’re looking for a deep cleaning for your grout, you need Bristol Clean – because Bristol Clean is a true expert.

We can:

– Remove all of those pesky dirt particles naked to the visible eye
– Use advanced techniques and expert knowledge to reach even the furthest corners and hard-to-reach spaces
– Clean colored grout, porcelain tiles, and ceramic tiles
– Seal and protect your tiles and grout with a long-lasting product that helps keeps your tiles looking new, longer

Are your tiles not that beautiful anymore compared to when they were still new? Is the grout in between the tiles getting dark? Are your regular cleaning methods seemingly without any effect? This is the moment to ask for help from a professional cleaning company. Why is it so important to ask for professional help?

Tile Floors

Tiles give your floor a classy and beautiful look. There are many different styles and types of stones to choose from. Besides the aesthetics, tile floors are also very practical. It is easy to clean the surface of the tiles when it is dusty or when liquids fall on the floor. But many people do not realize that stone tiles are actually very porous. Germs, dirt, and grease will settle deep within the pores of the tiles over time. You might wonder why your tiles still look dirty after mopping the floor. With mopping or other superficial cleaning methods, you are not able to reach deep inside the pores. A professional floor cleaning company is the best solution for a deep cleaning session. Your floors will look as new as when you bought them.


Many people know that the grout in between your floor tiles gets dirty over time and needs to be cleaned. When the grout becomes darker you know it is dirty and time to clean the grout. Unfortunately, cleaning grout is a tough job and usually only brings mediocre results. You could, for example, use an old toothbrush and try to clean the grout. This will take a long time and you still only scratch the filth from the surface. Online the question about using bleach for grout comes up a lot. While bleach can remove the germs and dirt, it is harmful to the tiles. Cleaning your grout with bleach while damaging expensive tiles is definitely not worth it. Additionally, bleach is easily diluted by other liquids. When you clean the floor with water and soap the initial effect of the bleach wears off quickly. Bathroom floors are obviously the worst choice for bleach because of the daily wet conditions.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Our professional cleaning teams will provide you with extremely clean tiles. What can you expect from our professional cleaning teams?

• The first step is to examine the floor. There are many different materials that tiles can be made of. Every different material has an optimal cleaning method. During the examination, we will check the grout as well. Is the grout still cleanable or is it better to remove the grout and apply new grout to secure the tiles. The first step is one of the most important parts because the best cleaning method will be determined during preparation. 

• If the tiles have not been cleaned by a professional for several months we highly recommend a deep cleaning service. Our deep cleaning service will remove germs, dirt, and grease deep within the pores of the stone. We use high-pressure tools that can reach deep within the pores of your tiles. Especially tiles made from the more porous natural stones will greatly benefit from this technique. 

• The cleaning products we use are perfectly mixed to clean for your specific floor from dirt and germs deep within the tiles. Our experts know which products to use and how to prepare them for any kind of tile. 

• For the grout, we use high-pressure tools and premium level cleaning products as well, if the grout is still cleanable. We’ll, of course, have a recommendation for you if it isn’t.

• Newly applied grout always needs to be sealed. Unsealed grout results in leakages because grout is porous and liquids easily seep through it. The same holds for grout that we just cleaned. Grout has to be resealed regularly. Resealing will protect you from leakages and dirt and germs reaching deep within the pores of the grout. That is why we always reseal the grout after every cleaning service. 

• After the cleaning process is done, we critically assess if the result is flawless. If not, we will continue our cleaning process until it is.

Are you in need of a professional cleaning company?

Your home is the most important place to live a healthy and convenient life. The last thing you want is dirt and germs harming the health and convenience of you and your loved ones. That is why we are ready to help anyone to get a superbly clean home. When you are interested, feel free to get into contact with us.