Chardon is a charming city in Geauga County, OH. While the population is only around 5,000, the heart and soul of this city glows strong as it continues to expand.

Chardon features a beautiful, well-known area called Chardon Square where all of the celebrations in the City of Chardon happen. Every year there is a festival with a ferris wheel, fair games, and more.

Chardon is also known for its delicious maple syrup industry, and the season begins with Tapping Sunday every March. The Geauga County Maple Festival takes place in Chardon Square in late April, pending any weather issues that sometimes happen from “snow belt” issues!

Here at Bristol Clean, we find Chardon a charming, lovely down to work in and we love cleaning for residences and businesses alike in this town.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Clean My Carpets Myself?
Yes, of course, and we recommend you do between professional cleanings. There are many ways to keep your carpets looking fresh and beautiful, but to get up all of the things you can’t see, we recommend hiring a professional. Dirt is tricky!

Will Carpet Cleaning Get Rid of My Cat Urine Smell?
In many cases, a good professional clean from Bristol Clean can entirely rid a carpet of any evidence a cat ever tried to use it as a toilet. As pet owners, we pride ourselves in cutting-edge techniques to help destroy pet odors (without destroying the pet).

Can You Clean My Carpets Without Using Water?
Most of our techniques do use some water, at least minimally to activate the cleaning agents. However, we do have several different techniques to choose from, including techniques that use so little water, your carpets will be dry within an hour or even faster during the hot months. We’d love to discuss – give us a call!