West Farmington in Trumbull county OH

Farmington, also known as West Farmington, is one of the five villages located in Trumbull county. This lovely, quiet area is home to thousands of residences and several businesses that serve the greater Trumbull area. Farmington is one of the closer areas to our stomping grounds in Bristolville.

We offer all of our services to Farmington residences, including but not limited to the services listed below. Questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call to talk to one of our friendly representatives. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is carpet cleaning important?
We actually get this question a lot because people truly think that vacuuming is enough. While frequent vacuuming is certainly worth your while and very helpful in keeping the worst of the dirt out of your carpet, sometimes your carpet just needs some extra love in the form of a shampoo pick-me-up. This will help extend the life of carpet, get rid of all of the stuff your vacuum can’t quite reach, and help with any mystery smells or stains that plague your living spaces.

How long will it take to clean my carpet?
In general, a room less than 200 square feet takes under an hour to clean. Of course, this estimate can vary wildly depending on how bad the carpet needs cleaned, how many stains or high-traffic areas are present, how much furniture needs to be moved and how stubborn any spots that remain after initial cleaning there are.

How does professional carpet cleaning work?
That entirely depends on what kind of carpet cleaning you need! Commercial carpet cleaning is different from residential cleaning, for example, and different types of material are cleaned differently. You can read a little more about carpet cleaning on our blog

Will carpet cleaning remove paint?
While some paint is stubborn, most will come out with a good pass over with a steam cleaner. Sometimes it may take specialized attention or specific solvents to remove the paint entirely, but usually carpet can be restored to like-new conditions.