This amazingly large township has amazingly humble roots! In January 1798, Joseph Howland – a descendant of John Howland who came to America aboard the Mayflower in 1620 – bought a Northwest Territory tract of land from the Connecticut Land Company in the Western Reserve which became Howland of Trumbull County. Captain John Adgate bought 1,600 acres from Mr. Howland in 1799 and became Howland Township’s first settler when he and his family arrived in 1799, building the Township’s first cabin in its southwestern area.

Howland Township is located in Trumbull County in Northeast Ohio and is part of the Youngstown-Warren Metropolitan Area. Howland Township had a population of 19,106, ranking it as one of the largest of Ohio’s 1,312 townships. Howland has one of the liveliest farm markets in Trumbull county. It features many common fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets, but also a number of specialty goods and entertainment for children and adults like.

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