Pet Mess Treatment

Pet Stain and Odor Cleaning

My pet has destroyed my carpet with their messes. Do I need new carpet?
Never fear, Bristol Clean is here! We are experts in pet urine treatment.

As pet owners ourselves, we know how awful it can be to have to deal with those smells that just never go away – and can’t be disguised when guests arrive… 

Our solution for pet odors and pet stain removal is tried & true, and we’re ready to pass it on to you!

We Make Pet Odors a Thing of the Past

Our pet urine treatment process doesn’t just cover up the odors, it eliminates them for good.

Bristol Clean’s bacteria-based solution creates enzymes when it comes in contact with a bio-based matter such as urine and the other lovely fluids your dog or cat may produce onto your carpet.

Our odor-digesting enzymes literally eat all the offending odors and their causes and will continue working as long as their food source exists. Don’t worry, these enzymes have no smell of themselves!

Our oxidizing agent fights the odors with the use of oxygen. It removes the urine by causing it to outgas. The outgas process liquefies urine and other bodily fluids. Then these fluids turn into a harmless, odorless vapor and off your smell goes!

Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Pet owners know the joys of having a loving, cute, and devoted family member with fur. Sometimes, unconditional love comes with some less-than-joyful experiences like pet stain removal. Accidents happen on carpets and there’s just no way around it if you’re a pet lover. Getting rid of annoying stains and offensive odors takes more than a can of spray and a good hard brushing. There can be residual matter that soaks into the carpet and the pad that is a bacterial nightmare. Especially for folks with small children crawling around on the carpets.
Different Strokes For Different Folks

The 21st Century has brought about some significant advances in the equipment, chemicals, and methods used to clean carpeting. Depending upon the type of cleaning desired, each method has advantages that make the job turn out perfectly. Each cleaning process works in a specific manner to remove common and difficult stains like pet urine and feces. Those methods are:

  1.  Cleaning with little or no chemicals makes this method advantageous for folks with allergies or asthma. Sometimes it is mistakenly called steam cleaning but there is no steam involved in the cleaning process. High-pressure hot water is pushed into the carpet fiber, loosening dirt, liquids, and debris. The unwanted contaminants are then sucked up by a high volume vacuum that removes most of the water along with the contaminants.
  2.  The opposite of the hot water extraction process, Encapsulation uses special polymers and chemicals to trap dirt and debris in carpet, preventing a build-up of materials in the carpet’s fiber. Used mainly for commercial cleaning, the encapsulation process involves spraying a special chemical onto the carpet before it is vacuumed up with the captured debris and materials.
  3.  Millions of tiny bubbles are injected into the carpet fiber that loosens and free up contaminants before they are extracted away with a high-volume vacuum or highly absorbent pad. Introducing carbonated water infused with sanitizing chemicals removes unwanted debris and liquids and refreshes carpet fiber by eliminating ground in debris contained in the carpet fibers.
  4.  Specialized cleaning machines combined with “drying” chemicals sprayed onto the carpet make the “dry” cleaning process different from other cleaning methods. Using no or Very Low Moisture (VLM) amounts of water, this method of cleaning takes advantage of the chemistry used to separate debris particles from the carpet’s fibers. Foams, powders, granules, or absorbent materials are distributed across the carpet surface before being removed by vacuum.
  5.  Using only natural products, “Green” carpet cleaning methods avoid harsh chemicals, soaps, and detergents. Allergens and other contaminants are removed by scrubbing or brushing in the cleaner using very little water before vacuuming the carpet. Green cleaning reduces the chemical smell and potential reactions to chemicals by pets and household members.

Pets Are Creatures of Habit

Cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, and all kinds of animals live with us in our homes but they don’t lose all their “wild” tendencies. One of those habits is using the same spot as a bathroom over and over again. One of the reasons pets do this is the odors remind them and stimulate them to a repeat performance. It’s not that your pet is making a statement as much as just doing what comes naturally. It can be difficult to break the habit if there is residual odor from a stain. Proper carpet cleaning can help eliminate the odors and the behaviors associated with your pet discovering the odor spot time and time again.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Makes For Happy Pets and Happy Pet Owners

Life has enough conflict and difficulty built into it; there’s no need to increase the stress and emotion by having pet accidents all over the place. Carpets cleaned with the proper equipment using the correct formulas and techniques can improve life in so many ways. Pets don’t get disciplined for doing what comes naturally to them. Pet owners don’t have to fret and keep their loving companion under constant surveillance. Life can go on with much less conflict, concern, and consternation. The house smells better, there are fewer germs and bacteria to cause illness, and the carpets look fantastic. Why not let professional carpet cleaners bring happiness and joy back to your relationship with your pet? All it takes is a quick call and life will be better for both of you!F

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