How to Clean a Shag Rug

  1. Shag rugs tend to offer a retro ambiance and plush in a room. They have a deep pile that gives a shaggy but soft and comfortable feel. Their softness is a reason why they are difficult to clean. Shag rugs cannot be cleaned like other rugs since their carpet fibers are looser and longer and may shed in the process.

Using the right method to clean the rug preserves its natural look and plush-y appeal for many years. Shag rug cleaning should be done at least once a year. Because of the depth of a shag carpet, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if it’s dirty or not but trust us when we say that once a year is definitely a minimum.

Below are the most efficient tips when it comes to shag rug cleaning.

1. Shake the Dirt Out

This is the oldest method in the books but one of the most efficient. Shaking your rug by hand helps to loosen the dirt, dust and any crumbs in between the fibers. If you’re unable to shake it by hand, hanging it over the clothesline and then beating it with a broom handle or bat gently is recommended. This allows the rug to air out and soak up sun rays that help to kill bacteria and small insects as well, which is extra important with our fluffy rug friends.

2. Vacuum

Vacuuming your rug frequently helps to prevent dirt and dust buildup. The long piles of fiber in the shag rug require extra attention as compared to rugs with short piles. You can also flip your rug upside down and vacuum it from the bottom side before vacuuming the top again. This ensures thorough cleaning as it helps loosen up all the dirt and dust from the pile.

3. Use a Free Rinsing Detergent 

Some shag rugs can handle some moisture. This method distributes the detergent and hot water into the rug and then followed by vacuuming it. This helps lift soils and stains that might be deep in the rug. After this, you should take it outside to air-dry to avoid mildew.

For the rugs that cannot handle moisture, you should use an encapsulating detergent. The solution captures the dirt particles to ensure the shag rug is clean.

For more information on these methods, feel free to reach out to us – these are two methods we use in our own carpet cleaning business, and we’d love to lend you a hand so you don’t ruin your lovely shag carpet!

4. Spot Clean

This is where you react to a spill immediately after it has happened. Treating the soiled part of the rug is easier, and more effective than cleaning the entire carpet every time an accident happens. This requires you to have carpet cleaning supplies that are easily accessible.

When a spill happens, firmly press the affected area with a dry clean rag and ensure to soak up as much liquid as possible. You should blot deep into the fibers of the shag rug to make sure you clean the area effectively.

5. Professional Cleaning

Shag rugs need special care to prevent extensive damage from the in-house cleaning methods. Once in a while, it is necessary to get professional cleaners to help you clean up your shag rug. In the case where the rug requires special attention, you should not risk doing cleaning on your own.

Maintain Clean Shag Runs

If shag rugs are well and carefully cleaned, they last longer and keep giving your home the service it needs. Given the versatility and good quality of the shag rugs, you are more likely to get motivation for cleaning it regularly before it even gets dirty.

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