What is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is also called steam cleaning, and we think you’ll love it. 

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This once underappreciated techniques cleans carpets like no one’s business (except ours, of course).  There’s nothing worse than thinking your space is clean only to have stains reoccur and smells like pet odors and smoke return after only a few days. Steam cleaning your carpet is rather effective at ensuring that stain from Rover never returns.

The Bristol Clean-Assured Process


First we check out the room we’ll be dealing with. This may involve scrubbing, treating, or spraying more well-loved parts of your carpet.


We’ll suck up all the dirt that we can see and some that we can’t with our powerful industrial machine. 


We gently apply some of our patented cleaner to your carpet. Our cleaner helps separate the soil from your carpet. Once it’s separated, the cleaner acts as a suspension while we get the next step ready.


Now it’s time to bring the big guns out with our powerful electric truckmount! This system is meant to bring up even the most embedded dirt. Bon voyage, grime!


Now that the stains are gone and your carpet is on the mend, we give your carpet its final spa day ritual: a good grooming! We make your carpet resemble what it looked like when it was new now that it’s nice and clean.

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What Are the Benefits of Hot Water Extraction?

Hot water extraction has many benefits in both commercial and residential settings. While regular vacuuming does a great job of getting most of the dust and allergens, it always leaves something behind – even if you can’t see it with the naked eye. This is where hot water extraction carpet cleaning really shines.

How Does Hot Water Extraction (or Steam Cleaning) Work?

Once a rinse agent has been applied and the carpet has been prepped for the cleaning machine, a hot water cleaner is brought in. The water is heated in the machine and then sprayed through jets into the carpet. As the water is applied, it is sucked up by another part of the cleaner as its applied. In this way, it’s kind of like a washing machine’s rinse cycle. Then, the carpet is rinsed in much the same way with the same machine to remove any remaining dirt or cleaning detergents.

Hot Water Extraction near Bristol, OH is More Thorough

A lot of companies that make carpet recommend steam cleaning because it can clean carpets better than just about any other cleaning method. Hot water extraction penetrates the carpet and doesn’t stop at just the top layer. In addition, steam cleaning is spectacularly fast with only a few hours of dry time in even the cooler spring months, making it ideal for those who are ready to get their houses in order at the first sign of winter’s end.

Because of the thorough job that hot water extraction does, it’s beneficial for both homes with smokers or pets and high-traffic locations like restaurants, government service offices, and even bowling alleys and arcades.

Hot Water Extraction is Environmentally Friendly

Some cleaning methods use harsh cleaning agents to get things smelling and looking good. You don’t have to worry about that at all when it comes to hot water extraction as it is incredibly eco-friendly. While there are some chemicals used in the process, here at Bristol, we only use chemicals that take the environment into consideration. Furthermore, the bulk of the disinfecting is done by mother nature in the form of hot water! Hot water gets rid of the vast amount of bugs and germs that lurk below our feet.

Hot Water Extraction WORKS!

The most beneficial part of using HWE to clean your carpets is the overall effectiveness of the clean. Steam cleaning is quick and efficient, and even the worst of stains and smells can be completely eliminated. Here are some of the stains we’ve seen eliminated with the use of hot water extraction near us:

  • Carbonated soda
  • Oils
  • Tea
  • Makeup, including mascara
  • Coffee
  • Permanent ink
  • Blood
  • Food dyes
  • Pet messes
  • High-traffic damage

When is Hot Water Extraction Not the Right Choice?

While we could go on and on about the benefits of steam carpet cleaning in Ohio residential and commercial buildings, there are a few times when hot water extraction is just not the right choice. 

When this happens, consider our low-moisture cleaning services! 

The weather is near freezing: often you’ll need to open doors to properly dry an area once it has been cleaned using the hot water extraction method. This means you’ll have to endure whatever weather is going on outside, so make sure it’s a temperature you can handle.

You need a quick solution: HWE does use more water than some methods, which means it does take longer to dry. If you need a job done & dried in a few minutes, HWE may not be the right cleaning solution. Luckily, there are other solutions!

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